various artists - elffriede: soundrawing

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elffriede, a vienna-based visual artist, has sent drawings to 34 musicians in different countries all over the world and invited them to compose 2-minutes sound-pieces inspired by the drawing.

the artists worked with various instruments (computer, field recordings, electroacoustic instruments, violin, saxophone, voice, typewriter and others) and thus the styles of the sound pieces are miscellaneous:

soundscapes (grzinich, kaiser, murmer, niblock, ruhland/behr)
electroacoustic music (goncalves, grünrekorder, prlic, raffaseder, troyer)
remixes (brandstifter, fuchs, gansterer, roisz),
beats, clicks & cuts (incite, mohntau, piringer, raffeiner, splinks,)
acoustic instruments and songs (homolka-list, reiter, wohnzimmer, zemmler,)
... and other styles and genres.

image for dirk huelstrunks piece image for nikolaus gansterer's piece

these 34 pieces have been mastered by martin siewert and are now published on the CD ‘soundrawing’ on together with a booklet, which elffriede produced in cooperation with knust/extrapool (nijmegen): 36 pages in the size of a 7’-inch single cram-full with elffriedes fascinating drawings and poetry in german & dutch. a very exclusive product in a limited edition of 500 copies.

as second part of the interdisciplinary dialogue elffriede is now working on internet animations of her drawings in relation to the sounds, which will soon be presented on her webpage:

drawings by elffriede

sounds by andré goncalves, ara (arno raffeiner), arno splinks, audun eriksen, barbara v. kaiser, bernadette reiter, billy roisz, brandstifter, das fröhliche wohnzimmer (ilsi kilic, fritz widhalm), dirk hülstrunk, edda strobl, eintagsfliegenakrobatik (grit ruhland) & konrad behr, grünrekorder (roland etzin, lasse-marc rieck), hannes raffaseder, harald homolka-list, hitoshi kojo, incite (kera nagel, andré aspelmeier), jelle meander, john grzinich, jörg piringer, jörg zemmler, maksims shentelevs, mariella greil & werner möbius, matthias meinharter, murmer, nikolaus gansterer, phill niblock, revolver dog (doris prlic), riho kall & mari kalkun & ivan sergejev, runtofall, sergej mohntau (jürgen berlakovich, thomas pfeffer), ulrich troyer, verena brückner & florian kmet, wolfgang fuchs

more information at elffriede's page